Ripper S60 - Ultralok U35 - 15-18 tn

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Wolverex ripper. Upper part of ripper is designed to stiff housing structure which makes it stiffer and lighter than the one made out from pipe profile. The material of the entire structure is SSAB Hardox, which together with the housing structure enables a very high breaking force. Ripper body thickness is 50 mm. Tooth Esco Ultralok U35S. Designed for use with a bucket rotator.


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Esco Ultralok
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Bucket tooth adapter Ultralok WN-U35

Esco Ultralok tooth has integrated locking mechanism. This makes tooth replacement very easy and no hammer tools are required.

- Shorter downtimes
- Tooth replacement is easy to make
- Risk of injuries are minimized during replacement
- Longer service intervals thanks to special steel developed by Esco

Size: U35
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Bucket tooth Ultralok U35S

Esco Ultralok tooth system is based on a tooth with an integrated locking mechanism. This eliminates the need of hammer tools when replacing tooth.

- Shorter maintenance times
- Simpler tooth replacement
- Less risk of injury
- Longer service life thanks to special steel grades developed by Esco

< Designed for wheel loaders.

Size: U35
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